Thursday, January 22, 2015

Copy Cat Postal Dog

I love it when I am just looking around online (googled zentangle envelope photos) and find a vein of fun blogs of folks who are into creating interesting mail art.  I saw this dog on one and just had to copy it :).  I made one for my son's letter and this one for my friend.  Forgive the mucking around in his mouth but I blurred out her last name and totally took off her address which is under the dog's chin.  What a fun drawing!

I may add "Woof" or something yet to the corner.  Or "Grrrrr" LOL.

I also found a post about a book called "Walking with the Mailman", written by a letter carrier.  Now I too work for USPS but I am not a city carrier, I am a rural carrier.  I downloaded the book onto my Kindle (.99 cents!) and have been laughing my way through the first three chapters!  I may not drive an LLV (mail truck) or have a walking route but I certainly can relate to some of the human and canine aspects of the stories!!  So the dog above also has some merit...but he won't bite any mailmen, I promise!

Also hello to the new visitors!  I hope to keep up on this blog now that I got myself a new laptop.  Say "hi" and I'll stop by and say "hi" back!

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