Hello!  And welcome to my little blog.  My name is Christine and I live in NW Wisconsin on a farm.  It is just my husband and I now.  We  have two adult sons who are still in WI but not at home.

I am the sole rural mail carrier for our little village.  I LOVE my job and am so blessed to have it.  I was a sub for another carrier for 9 years and then this little route opened up due to the reorganizing of the postal service.  While for many it has been a trial and headache for me it gave me my dream job!  I have been here a little over a year and while working my 6 days a week I am never more than 5 miles from home.  Pretty cool.

I have been a mail nut since forever.  I was always enthralled with mail, the idea of getting letters from friends from all over the world was exciting.  Especially to this country bumpkin girl who can't get out of the state.  I have had pen pals since I was 9 years old.  My longest has been since 1981 and the shortest I have been writing to for 4 four years.

I was told if I delivered mail I would become sick of it but quite the opposite.  I really enjoy the process of mail, from mailing out to delivering.  Anything with a mailbox on it makes me happy.  I have quite a collection of vintage mail items.

Sometimes some really cool mail art comes through and brightens my day.  I like to test the system and mail really weird stuff to friends and family.  I take my camera and shoot photos where I see them.  It is a great job.

Art has always been a passion also.  I am not a "good" artist, I am too impatient for that.  I suspect that is why I love mail art, creating art cards and ACEOs.  Once in awhile I'll do something larger but not too often anymore.

This is the last "real" painting I did, of my brother and sister in law's dog, Jenna...

Ok, that is me in a nutshell.

Things I enjoy...

vintage stationery
letter writing
travel (ha ha...someday)

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